Cryptocurrencies: A technology in the service of crime?

31.05.2024: Part 3: At the time, the internet was also accused of primarily serving criminal and malicious activities.

Cryptocurrencies: A technology in the service of crime?

30.05.2024: Part 2: Numbers speak louder than words. Only a fraction of the Bitcoin volume is misused for illegal purposes.

Cryptocurrencies: A technology in the service of crime?

29.05.2024: Part 1: The crypto world is the subject of many myths. Money laundering, terrorism, dark web? A brief attempt at demystification.

Swiss crypto specialist expands to Dubai (English)

22.05.2024: The Zug-based crypto startup Digital Asset Solutions also wants to grow in the United Arab Emirates. A former Credit Suisse banker is implementing the expansion locally.

The meme frenzy is back – now also with coins

17.05.2024: He’s back. “Roaring Kitty” has returned. Keith Gill’s @TheRoaringKitty account on the social media platform X had been inactive since June 2021.

Crypto startup Digital Asset Solutions expands into the United Arab Emirates

15.05.2024: Digital Asset Solutions is expanding into the United Arab Emirates. The domestic crypto startup is receiving support from a former Credit Suisse banker.

Swiss crypto specialist expands to Dubai (German)

03.05.2024: Digital Asset Solutions, a Zug-based startup active in the crypto business, is now also looking to grow in the United Arab Emirates. A former Credit Suisse banker is implementing the expansion locally.

Swiss Bitcoiners attempt to convince the central bank again

21.04.2024: The Bitcoiners must first get 100,000 Swiss people to sign the petition in order to initiate a referendum – a hurdle at which their first attempt failed in October 2021.

Now comes the popular initiative to oblige the National Bank to buy Bitcoin

15.05.2024: Die Digital Asset Solutions expandiert in die Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate. Unterstützung erhält das heimische Krypto-Startup von einem ehemaligen Credit Suisse-Banker.

New Halving improves Bitcoin’s monetary policy

19.04.2024: Central banks around the world are struggling with persistent inflation. Bitcoin, however, is not.

The “Bitcoin producers” tremble before the Halving

19.04.2024: Why the blockchain update favors listed mining companies and will lead to greener mining.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi: more dynamic than Switzerland

26.03.2024: Dubai, together with Abu Dhabi, has established itself as a center for innovation and technology, which is reflected in its attitude towards digital assets.

Is Bitcoin political – is it on the far right?

22.03.2024: The accusations are harsh: right-wing extremists, anarcho-capitalists and subversives are said to be hijacking the cryptocurrency.

Accurate expert sticks to Bitcoin price target of 100,000 dollars

01.03.2024: Thanks to the Bitcoin ETFs introduced in January, the entire cryptocurrency asset class is becoming more attractive. However, a linear bull market remains a pipe dream.

Ethereum: bitcoin’s price rise is just the beginning

01.03.2024: Blockchain Chronicle. Everyone’s talking about bitcoin. But the second-largest cryptocurrency could now be the focus of everyone’s attention.

Fedpol sounds the panic horn over crypto

01.03.2024: According to a press release from the Swiss Federal Office of Police (Fedpol), the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing have risen sharply due to the popularity of cryptocurrencies.

What you need to know about US Bitcoin ETFs

26.01.2023: Blockchain Chronicle. Despite the successful launch of US bitcoin ETFs, caution is the order of the day for Swiss investors.

This is what happens after the ETF approval

12.01.2024: Since yesterday, investors in the US have been able to trade index funds that track the spot price of Bitcoin. Will this change the crypto landscape, will other products disappear, should Swiss investors buy US index funds?

2024 will be a good year for crypto

15.12.2023: Blockchain Chronicle. 2023 wasn’t an easy year for crypto-investors, but it was a good one in the end. 2024 could be even better.

The next cantonal bank offers crypto investments – when will the elephant enter the dance floor?

03.11.2023: Customers of the fifth-largest cantonal bank, the one in Saint Gall, can now also access custody and trading services for Bitcoin and Ethereum at their regular bank.

The Bitcoin halving as a guidepost

03.11.2023: Blockchain Chronicle. In 2024, the inflation rate of Bitcoin will be reduced by another “halving” – an event that occurs every four years.

Bitcoin price surge: Here’s what happens next

27.10.2023: The value of bitcoin has jumped from under USD 27,000 to close to 35,000 in just a few days. What was the reason for the fireworks?

Why Bitcoin is rising and rising

25.10.2023: Blockchain Chronicle. The price of the cryptocurrency doubled during the year in the hope that the first Bitcoin spot ETF would be approved.

ETF fantasies and fundamentals help Bitcoin jump to new yearly high

24.10.2023: Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, jumped more than 12 percent overnight.

The world’s largest Bitcoin exchange, Binance, is fighting for survival

07.10.2023: The trading platform Binance and its boss, Changpeng Zhao, are under constant legal fire, also because of FTX. If Binance collapses, the crypto market will be in big trouble.

Covering the entire crypto spectrum

06.10.2023: The first cantonal bank offers trading in six cryptocurrencies. However, more is needed to cover the entire spectrum of digital assets and blockchains.

Digital assets: Realizing the full potential

09.09.2023: Cryptocurrencies are fundamental building blocks for a new Internet infrastructure. To profit optimally from Web 3.0, the entire spectrum should be taken into account.

Next year, investing in Bitcoin and Co. may become normal

02.09.2023: From Blackrock to Postfinance, many established financial services providers are working to provide their customers with easy access to cryptos.

Le web 3.0 offre des possibilités uniques

22.08.2023: Chronique blockchain. Pour profiter au mieux de la tendance Web3, il est conseillé aux gestionnaires de portefeuille de prendre en compte l’ensemble du spectre de ce domaine.

Ne pas ignorer la crypto-réglementation

14.07.2023: Chronique blockchain. Les USA renforcent le cadre juridique pour les actifs numériques. En Europe, un ensemble de règles a été adopté pour le secteur. Ce n’est pas sans risque pour la Suisse.

Financial experts gear up for the digital asset class

10.07.2023: The adoption of digital assets has just begun and offers an enormous potential for financial institutions. This was made clear by the recent Certified Crypto Finance Expert (CCFE) course in Switzerland.

Switzerland must not simply ignore crypto regulation in the US and EU

07.07.2023: The USA tightens the legal framework for digital assets. And in Europe, a set of rules for the industry has been adopted. This poses risks for Switzerland.

SEC takes action against Binance: Lawsuit puts pressure on crypto prices

06.06.2023: The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has sued the crypto trading venue Binance. Bitcoin falls to the lowest level since mid-March.

Bitcoin has passed the test of maturity

05.05.2023: Blockchain chronicle. The banking crisis of March, which saw the collapse of CS, is now just a memory. But bitcoin passed the test of maturity during this crisis.