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DA Solutions is a result oriented Digital Media Agency offering Customized Responsive Websites, Paid Search, Remarketing, Retargeting, Social & Reputation Management, Search Engine Optimization, and creative email marketing that engage your customers. Our unique approach to custom automotive websites, digital marketing and social media make us an excellent choice for any size Automotive Franchise or Independent Dealer.

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If you’re looking to steal customers right out of your competition’s showroom, this is the product for your dealership. We all know customers are using their smart phones cross shop as soon they get an offer at a dealership, so why not take advantage of the situation with DA Solutions Geo-Fencing? Our responsive websites can detect when someone is at or close to your competition and will serve them offer targeting the dealership they’re at, that only they can see. Example “Visit (Your Dealership) right now and we’ll beat any price from (Current Location) by $500.” All is fair in the war and the car business.

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Want to track the effectiveness of driving web traffic and web leads from your radio, TV, print? If the answer is Yes!, DA Solutions Promo Code is the right product for your dealership. Promo Code will allow you to tag your promotions with a unique code that drives users to a special page on your site where they can enter a sweepstakes for any prize you choose. The best part of the program is you can track campaign effectiveness, drive site engagement and collect website leads at the same time.



We’re car guys and we know the difference between hype and helping our customers move inventory. DA Solutions is constantly testing the latest web technologies to improve your customer experience and lead generation.

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Tired of waiting for 48 or 60 hours to get creative and technical support from those automotive website factories. You’re just one of several thousands of clients waiting their turn to get your website back in shape so you can sell more cars. At DA Solutions we take a boutique approach for providing custom creative and technical support for all of our customers. No “One Size Fits All” solution here. We understand you have a unique dealership, unique staff and most importantly, a unique target audience. Our developers and creative team are standing buy to help build custom solutions to fit your market conditions.

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