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DAS – Diversified Crypto Exposure
Broadly diversified market coverage

Our first digital asset solution provides our clients with easy exposure to a broadly-diversified portfolio that reflects current and emerging trends, structured and regulated to the highest industry standards.

  • Actively managed portfolio to access a full crypto exposure over various sectors
  • Leveraging its top-tier configuration, this product delivers sweeping access to all facets of the blockchain sphere, including staking and more. Its standout feature is the provision of the utmost secure custody, executed directly on the blockchain itself.
  • Managed by traditional finance and crypto experts to the highest asset management and risk management standards
  • Custody and trading is handled through leading third parties in accordance with the highest industry standards

DAS – Diversified Crypto Exposure, sets itself apart from traditional offerings by providing a rule-based portfolio that offers diversified exposure to the full spectrum of the digital asset market. It encompasses the leading coins and sectors as per market capitalization, thereby establishing a novel benchmark in the blockchain industry. This product is suitable for investors with a medium to long-term time horizon who wish to participate in the growth of the digital asset sector and benefit from new and existing trends. The investment strategy is supplemented by a discretionary token allocation of up to 5% of the total AuM of the product. The portfolio is rebalanced quarterly to account for significant market changes and emerging trends.

Digital Asset Solutions AG DAS - Diversified Crypto Exposure

Product Specification

Product TypeActively Managed Certificate (AMC)
Investment ManagerVT Wealth Management AG
Investment AdvisorDigital Asset Solutions AG
Underlying IssuerSedna Issuer PCC Limited
Paying AgentInCore Bank AG
CustodianDecentralized Custody
Crypto ExchangeKraken (Payward Ltd)
Storage ProviderFireblocks
Managment Fee p.a.1.5%
Performance Fee10% (High Water Mark)
Base CurrencyUSD
Inception Date06.04.2023
Inception NAVUSD 1’000
NAV Per Unit 28.02.24USD 1’764.88
Minimum Investment10 Units (multiples of 1 thereafter)



In addition to the volatility risk inherent to digital assets, crypto-assets also exhibit dependence on development teams and governance decisions. Furthermore, unfavorable regulation can negatively impact the prices of selected tokens.


The aforementioned risks are minimized through a proprietary valuation process and subsequent multi-layered diversification of assets. Counterparty risk is addressed by self-custody of the assets.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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